Team Interplanetar is dedicated towards development of mars rovers


As a civilization after moon landing our next leap would be stepping on MARS. But as a type zero civilization we should take a giant leap and try to upgrade our species into a ‘type-1’ civilization which not only uses energy sources of the mother planet but from the whole galaxy.

In this process, our close neighbor Mars should be our target to transform us into a multi-planetary species.

We, Human not only should try to step on Mars, but also try to transfer our species there. This should be the next “ Giant Leap” for mankind.

That’s why we chose our team name as “Interplanetar.”




We are the Rover Designers from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Work Progress

'Mongol-E v2.1' is now ready for action
  • Mechanical

    Manipulator, Suspension System, Chasis

  • Electrical System & Electronics

    Onboard Computer, Sensors & Telemetry, Motor & Actuator Controllers, Power Control & Distribution

  • Communication & Control

    Video Transmission System, Local Network, Repeaters, Controllers

  • Software assosiated

    User Interface of Controllers, Autonomous Features

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